Diary of an Asian Swing: Day 5

Second day of Singapore meetings. APJ market conversations with IT vendors, watching the emergence of big data here. Seeing activity in the field is always a fascinating counterpoint to the briefings and conferences back home. But the big data phenomenon is surprisingly rapid. Certainly the user conversations have been similar in some ways to thoseContinue reading “Diary of an Asian Swing: Day 5”

Diary of an Asian Swing: Day 4

Halfway across the world you go to breakfast and see a neighbor is in your hotel too. How often does it happen? Today I saw an SAP colleague I worked with two decades ago at Sybase – and his colleague, with whom I’ll meet while in Singapore. Great start to the day. This day wasContinue reading “Diary of an Asian Swing: Day 4”

Twitter Drafting – Marketing in the Tweetstream

Racing fans – cars or bicycles – are familiar with the concept of drafting – travelling close behind another vehicle to reduce wind resistance. The concept is sometimes applied to marketing by savvy practitioners who use the spend of others to multiply their own impact in public consciousness. In recent months, I’ve noticed a growing use of twitterContinue reading “Twitter Drafting – Marketing in the Tweetstream”

Living in the Present is SO Yesterday

It’s an occupational hazard of living in the future that analysts can begin to ignore the present – unless we make it a practice to seek it out. Here in the Valley, that can be difficult, when being a week behind the latest version of something the rest of the world hasn’t heard of yetContinue reading “Living in the Present is SO Yesterday”

White Paper Sponsorship and Labeling

My friend Curt Monash has taken Oracle to task for the way it labels its web pages that contain download links for analyst reports, and I took some collateral damage in the process. It was embarrassing to me, but an important discussion, and I thought I ought to share some ideas about the whole issue.Continue reading “White Paper Sponsorship and Labeling”

Decoding BI Market Share Numbers – Play Sudoku With Analysts

In a recent post I discussed Oracle’s market share in BI, based on a press-published chart taken from IDC data – showing Oracle coming in second. As often happens in such discussions, I got quite a few direct emails and twitter messages – some in no uncertain terms – about why the particular metric IContinue reading “Decoding BI Market Share Numbers – Play Sudoku With Analysts”

Oracle Sets Sights on BI Leadership. Has it Picked the Right Target?

Oracle is not first in BI, and wants to change that – that was the clear message of a well executed, multi-site “real plus virtual” event with top executives showing off the result of a multi-year effort to rationalize and integrate a set of leading but overlapping components into a seamless suite. Oracle Business IntelligenceContinue reading “Oracle Sets Sights on BI Leadership. Has it Picked the Right Target?”

Disclosure Policy

Transparency has been a frequent topic in the independent analyst circles I travel in.  Below is a statement of my policy. In addition to this post, I’ve added it as a “Page” as WordPress calls them, so it will always be available in the heading of the blog, where it will have a current listContinue reading “Disclosure Policy”

Include All Comments on Blog? No. But Please – Jump In!

I post and respond to all substantive comments.  But I’ve had questions from readers who didn’t see theirs. Understandably, they wanted to know why. Here’s how I handle comments: If they are about the content – they go up. Agree, disagree, it’s all good. Dialogue is exactly the point. If they are just “I likedContinue reading “Include All Comments on Blog? No. But Please – Jump In!”

A Visit With Gideon Gartner

I was privileged to work with Gideon Gartner briefly during the early Giga Information Group days (joining about a year in after its founding in 1995.) I was a newbie in the analyst game at the time, although in my prior few years I had done analyst relations formally and informally at two software firms.Continue reading “A Visit With Gideon Gartner”