Merv’s Music

Music is my passion.

After a brief professional music career (nothing special – college kid in coffeehouses) in the 70s, I put things on hold for 50 years to get married, raise a couple of kids and have a career in IT. Along the way, I played more (and sometimes less) but always with friends and at events I was part of, as here on the Spanish Steps in Rome two decades ago.

Now, I’ve been able to restart, and am “playing out” again, learning new styles, gaining skills in recording, and generally making this a new chapter.

Merv and Noury

Just a couple of good friends, from different continents, finding a way to jam on John Hiatt’s Slow Turning during AWS Reinvent in Las Vegas in 2022. My friend is known professionally as a great blues player known as Son Jack Jr.

Merv and Rick

For No One. With my friend rick Greenwald, in a hotel room, playing a lovely piano-based Paul McCartney song on the guitar. And it works beautifully.

Merv and Hannah Smalltree

My good friend Hannah is a superb, eclectic musician with many projects in many musical styles. I’m privileged to occasionally be in the same place at the same time with her, and it’s always magic. Here’s a favorite.