Merv has built relationships with industry leaders over the years and is a frequent speaker, host, or attendee at industry events. You can see his upcoming travel schedule here, and connect via email here.


Merv began his career in IT at the dawn of DBMS, and has watched innovations arrive steadily – some succeed and some fail for reasons beyond the quality of the engineering. His clients rely on him for that perspective.


Through connections and perspective, analysts develop their own vision based on supply-side and demand-side input. Clients say Merv is anything but shy in his advocacy for his own ideas – and willing, even eager, to be proven wrong. Try him!

“I’ve known and worked with Merv for decades through both of our careers in different roles and multiple firms. His depth and breadth have always been a great help in pursuing strategic clarity and execution.”

Dan Lahl, Global Vice President SAP Marketing & Solutions

“Merv’s insights into the data management market have proven themselves very valuable to us and have made a difference in our offerings and communications.”

Raj Verma, CEO SingleStore

“Merv held an analyst relations role himself before moving to the other side. He understands what a people business it is, and how to help both sides get the most out of the relationship. He does it with grace and humor that makes him a pleasure to work with.””

Peggy O’Neill VP, Industry Analyst Relations Informatica