Disclosure Policy

Transparency has been a frequent topic in the independent analyst circles I travel in.  Below is a statement of my policy. In addition to this post, I’ve added it as a “Page” as WordPress calls them, so it will always be available in the heading of the blog, where it will have a current list of clients that can easily be referred to.

Disclosure Policy

The purpose of this policy is to define my disclosure of any material connections that may exist between IT Market Strategy and companies I cover.

As an IT industry analyst, my goal is to provide trusted input to clients, the market, and the communities of interest in which I participate. IT Market Strategy believes clarity surrounding any potential conflicts of interest helps to enhance the value of industry insight provided. My goal is to offer  honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on topics, products, services, and companies. Any perspective I have is tempered by a variety of factors including my background, prior employment, ethical standards, political affiliation, and experiences.

There may be instances where I write about or discuss my clients. When I do so, I disclose any relationship with the primary vendor being covered at the bottom of my post. Vendors are listed as clients if I have done paid projects for them within the past year and/or if I have a retained consultant relationship with them. Under no circumstances does the content of my post depend on these relationships – this blog is not, and never will be, written for pay. I have no vested interest in any of the firms I write about. I sit on no boards, and I have no investments in technology firms other than those which come about via holding mutual funds which have them inside the portfolio the fund manages. I do not have a direct relationship with fund managers.

Event Coverage

I blog, and issue twitter messages, from industry events conducted by firms I follow. I do so in the interest of sharing information and analysis about those firms’ public face – how they execute such events, as well as the obvious need to keep track of product and services announcements that are typically made at such events. Vendors often cover travel expenses (including lodging if required) for analysts and press attending these events, and I accept this coverage, but I do not ask for or accept compensation for attendance. Nor do I make any commitments to offer positive (or any other) commentary, although I often do so.

For questions about this disclosure policy, please send an email to merv@itmarketstrategy.com

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Independent information technology market analyst and consultant, 40 years of industry experience, covering software in and around the data management space.

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