Microsoft in MQs – March On

In December 2014, I posted Microsoft’s Product Positions – Positive Progress, updating my quarterly map of the several dozen Gartner Magic Quadrants that feature Microsoft offerings. Welcome to the New Year. The progress I identified then has continued through Q1, as another product improved its position in a refresh (Advanced Analytic Platforms), and another (Enterprise Integration Platform as aContinue reading “Microsoft in MQs – March On”

Diary of an Asian Swing: Day 3

This was a day of transition. No meetings in Hong Kong, so after a leisurely breakfast and a look at the news, I settled down for a rare session of uninterrupted writing. It was still Sunday back home, so the email was relatively caught up and I could focus. Finished first drafts of some GartnerContinue reading “Diary of an Asian Swing: Day 3”

Twitter Drafting – Marketing in the Tweetstream

Racing fans – cars or bicycles – are familiar with the concept of drafting – travelling close behind another vehicle to reduce wind resistance. The concept is sometimes applied to marketing by savvy practitioners who use the spend of others to multiply their own impact in public consciousness. In recent months, I’ve noticed a growing use of twitterContinue reading “Twitter Drafting – Marketing in the Tweetstream”

Blogging and Branding, and Learning about MX Records

Where to host your blog? Do it yourself? Let your blog provider (like WordPress) do it? Use a hosting company? I was struggling with these ideas last week, and ultimately came up with a very simple model. If this is not of interest to you, stop reading now. It’s just a little personal tale.

You Know You Have Big Data When…(Humor)

One of the more philosophical questions analysts like to ask is “What is Big Data?” It’s relative – it begs the question, “what’s big?” And that is a constantly moving number, and always assessed by comparison to the ridiculous amounts some companies work with. But Big Data as a concept in IT parlance today tendsContinue reading “You Know You Have Big Data When…(Humor)”

Safeway Bushwhacks Its Customers, Laughs It Off

Beware if you’re shopping at a Safeway and attempt to exit with a shopping cart – you may get a severely bruised shin. Or worse, if you’re older with fragile bones. Most likely you can avoid the problem if you don’t patronize the Starbucks counter. (I’m sure Starbucks will be happy to hear that.) ExpectContinue reading “Safeway Bushwhacks Its Customers, Laughs It Off”

Include All Comments on Blog? No. But Please – Jump In!

I post and respond to all substantive comments.  But I’ve had questions from readers who didn’t see theirs. Understandably, they wanted to know why. Here’s how I handle comments: If they are about the content – they go up. Agree, disagree, it’s all good. Dialogue is exactly the point. If they are just “I likedContinue reading “Include All Comments on Blog? No. But Please – Jump In!”

Dell Marketing Gets It Right

I ignore virtually all the marketing emails I get, even from folks whose offerings I tend to like – Apple, musicians I follow, baseball teams…. But today, I got a great note from Dell that started with a guaranteed stopper: Happy Birthday, Merv! Yup, even a jaded old analyst like me will stop for aContinue reading “Dell Marketing Gets It Right”

40,000 Hits – Thanks for A Great First Year of Blog Success

I posted my first entry here on March 7, 2009. At the time, I was newly independent after 13 years in the big research firm analyst business. I was optimistic about my prospects, but certainly nervous. I had a few firm convictions about the importance of collaboration, some great mentors and some ideas I wantedContinue reading “40,000 Hits – Thanks for A Great First Year of Blog Success”

PDF X-Change – Still The One

Nearly a year ago, I mentioned a wonderful product called PDF X-Change, from Tracker Software,  in a post. It allows me to annotate PDF files, which many vendors maddeningly insist on using for briefings. Why “maddeningly”? Because for me at least, the best place for my notes is in the presentation – it provides theContinue reading “PDF X-Change – Still The One”