Blogging and Branding, and Learning about MX Records

Where to host your blog? Do it yourself? Let your blog provider (like WordPress) do it? Use a hosting company? I was struggling with these ideas last week, and ultimately came up with a very simple model. If this is not of interest to you, stop reading now. It’s just a little personal tale.

Don’t Link Me, Bro!

That was supposed to say “Don’t TaseLink Me Bro” but apparently WordPress doesn’t support strikethrough in headlines. Oh well. This is just a quick amusing story. I just published a piece gently ribbing IBM for the plethora of category three letter acronyms (TLAs) associated with complex event processing et al. I used what I hopedContinue reading “Don’t Link Me, Bro!”

HP Support Gets it Right

We all have our horror stories about the machines we live with. And we’ve all wrestled with Windows, Google, Skype, or [your personal favorite software whipping boy here.] But sometimes, things just work right – and they should be acknowledged when they do. Hence this story – a brief happy tale about a positive experienceContinue reading “HP Support Gets it Right”