40,000 Hits – Thanks for A Great First Year of Blog Success

I posted my first entry here on March 7, 2009. At the time, I was newly independent after 13 years in the big research firm analyst business. I was optimistic about my prospects, but certainly nervous. I had a few firm convictions about the importance of collaboration, some great mentors and some ideas I wanted to float into the blogosphere.

A year and 130-some posts later, I can hardly believe what a ride it’s been. A steady build with a few amazing days – the best was one 650 hits. By midday I was looking at the stats every hour; I just couldn’t believe it. I’ve had comment traffic and dialogue I could only hope for. Great connections with interesting people. And learning – every day, the blog is a source of new ideas as I deal with the traffic, the tips and tricks of the WordPress world, and more.

I’ve never expected enormous volume, and I don’t really want it. Aside from some very basic practices, I haven’t gone after search engine optimization (SEO) – I think I’m steadily being found by the people I hope to connect with, who share the same interests as me, learning and communicating about information technology and how it affects our lives and businesses, but I am really thinking about contacting Blue Fire SEO to get some help. Along the way, I hope that we all get value from the interactions. The social media, I’ve come to believe (and say to anyone who listens), are the best example of karma. Share and others share. Link and others link back. Comment and they reciprocate. Follow and so do they.

The top posts have been in my sweet spot of coverage: data management and BI, the analyst business, and one about me.  Here are the top 10 (after the home page) – all represent people’s decisions to read something specific. The top ones are in the 1500-hit range. They tell me I’m on the right track – talking about companies big and small, making calls positive and negative about what I see, and trying to point to emerging ideas and companies I think my readers will find valuable. They’re all links, so click if any catch your eye. And here’s to another great year ahead: I promise not to write about myself any more often than I have (once or twice, no more.) Some interesting people are starting to post here along with me and I hope some more will. Come back soon, and let me know if you like what you see – or if you don’t.

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Published by Merv Adrian

Independent information technology market analyst and consultant, 40 years of industry experience, covering software in and around the data management space.

6 thoughts on “40,000 Hits – Thanks for A Great First Year of Blog Success

  1. Happy Blogiversary Merv.
    What a year, man. Remember how last February felt last year? It’s been a wild ride during a very challenging year. You have so much insight to share that it’s no wonder that you are read by thousands. You deserve to be hit 40,000 times — no wait, that doesn’t sound right. I mean your popularity is well deserved. Best wishes on year 2 of your blog!

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