Analyst bloggers – strong views abound

My post about challenging issues around analyst blogging drew hundreds of hits, and many interesting comments from analysts, AR and influencer relations practitioners and others. In this note, I’ll highlight some threads from those comments, and I encourage you to review the comments themselves – and to add your own thoughts. I’ve put in linksContinue reading “Analyst bloggers – strong views abound”

Analyst Bloggers – Threat or Menace?

OK, I admit it – I stole that title idea from an old National Lampoon. But the issue is no laughing matter: what is the appropriate code of conduct when industry analysts who work for brand name companies like IDC, Gartner or Forrester have an “outside” blog or start using Twitter frequently? There have beenContinue reading “Analyst Bloggers – Threat or Menace?”

BI Should Be Tense: Future Perfect Progressive, to be Exact

Business intelligence thinkers can take a leaf from the books of grammarians, who speak of “tense” as defining the time over which an event occurs. And as someone who has long criticized BI for being mostly concerned with predicting the past, I thought it would be instructive to consider the convoluted way we often find ourselvesContinue reading “BI Should Be Tense: Future Perfect Progressive, to be Exact”

Business Intelligence Matters? Optimize your site for search, Merv.

Business Intelligence is the center of my practice. And I’m trying to launch a website that will tell people so. Good thing I have a great network of people who are expert in things I am a rank newbie in, like web site construction. Shawn Rogers, co-founder and executive editor of of B-Eye Network, was kindContinue reading “Business Intelligence Matters? Optimize your site for search, Merv.”

Once more into the breach…

After an interesting evening 6 months ago playing with all this stuff but never coming back, I am at last getting the blog started in earnest. Remarkable how it concentrates the mind to needto do something as opposed to just playing with it! On this site, I’ll air the issues, ideas, and opportunities of my new venture,Continue reading “Once more into the breach…”