iPhone, Wi-Fi, and MAC Address Filtering

Bet that title drove everyone away. But this is really pretty simple. I use media access card (MAC) address filtering on my home Wi-Fi network (Talked about it here.) And now I have a shiny new iPhone and I want to use WI-Fi forĀ it (especially for Skype international calls, of course.) Only problem – couldn’tContinue reading “iPhone, Wi-Fi, and MAC Address Filtering”

MAC Address Filter: A Simple Step To Secure Home Networking

I’m a software guy. Not a hardware guy, or a network guy. Not since early NetWare days, when men were men and installed cards in PCs with our teeth to connect big fat cables. So when I got my first home cable modem, I didn’t think a lot about security. And when I connected itContinue reading “MAC Address Filter: A Simple Step To Secure Home Networking”