SapphireNow Day One – Getting Virtual Events Right, And More

I got some great messages today from people who enjoyed my tweets “from” SapphireNow in Orlando – although I wasn’t there. That’s a tribute – not to me; we’re only talking tweets, for goodness’ sake – to SAP for pulling off a two-continent, video-streaming, full-on collaborative event I was able to participate in meaningfully from my desk in California. There was substance, partner announcements, customer dialogue, and star keynoters. A good day, with the best ahead, if my pre-briefs are any indication; there’s more ahead. Read more of this post

Kalido Virtual Conference Scores Big

I’ve been critical of virtual conferences in the past, but I just saw the future, and it works. Kalido, a relatively small vendor, has demonstrated that careful preparation, serious commitment, and the right team can allow smaller firms to “punch above their weight,” putting on an event that captures great leads, promotes and sustains community, collects requirements for future product development in a participatory model, and satisfies partners with an event that costs a fraction of the in-person kind.  If you’re not familiar with Kalido, they deliver what they like to call a fully governed data warehouse, a suite of modeling, governance (including MDM) and model-driven DW automation tools that have been adopted by over 85 enterprise customers.

Why Virtual Conferences Suck

Lately, I get a lot of questions about “virtual conferences” and how much I believe they will replace the struggling live conference business of today. My answer? In the next 12-18 months we will see a lot of awful failed experiments. Just like the ones we’ve been seeing for the past 12 months or so. Read more of this post

What’s a Hashtag, and Why Should I Care?

At IBM’s Impact event, Billy Crystal hosted the first day and much hilarity ensued out of Sandy Carter’s avid adoption of social media – especially Twitter. Sandy (sandy_carter if you care to follow her here – well worth it) incorporated tweets creatively into her keynote, showing screens with questions and comments. Like other non-tweeters, Billy loves to make fun of the idea, and the jokes that emerged when Sandy started explaining how the hashtag #ibmimpact was trending into the top ten were over the top. “I know about hash…” [pause] “and when my friends were involved with that, they did twitter a lot…” [pause] You get the idea. Great stuff, even for a techie audience. Read more of this post