IBM and Watson 2.0: A Progress Report

By Tony Baer, dbInsight and Merv Adrian, IT Market Strategy It’s been barely six months since IBM unveiled the new watsonx family of products targeting enterprise clients, AI builders, data scientists, and data professionals. And since May, IBM has generally released all three pillars of the new AI lifecycle stool: for AI builders;,Continue reading “IBM and Watson 2.0: A Progress Report”

Google Cloud Spanner Enters With a Splash

This post was authored by Rick Greenwald, Merv Adrian and Donald Feinberg Last week, Google launched its internal Cloud Spanner DBMS into a public beta. Claiming to be both strongly consistent (like a relational DBMSs) and horizontally scalable (like NoSQL DBMSs), Cloud Spanner’s internal use has given Google time to exploit unique physical characteristics of itsContinue reading “Google Cloud Spanner Enters With a Splash”

Microsoft in 40 Gartner Magic Quadrants, January 2016

As of January 29, Microsoft is featured in 40 Gartner Magic Quadrants published or updated within the past 12 months. In quarterly updates throughout the year, this series of posts will track changed positions, updated MQs and new MQs as they appear. Gartner clients can read about these offerings in depth in the reports and inContinue reading “Microsoft in 40 Gartner Magic Quadrants, January 2016”

Hadoop Projects Supported By Only One Distribution

The Apache Software Foundation has succeeded admirably in becoming a place where new software ideas are developed: today over 350 projects are underway. The challenges for the Hadoop user are twofold: trying to decide which projects might be useful in big data-related cases, and determining which are supported by commercial distributors. In Now, What is Hadoop? And What’s Supported? I list 10 supportedContinue reading “Hadoop Projects Supported By Only One Distribution”

Microsoft’s Product Positions – Positive Progress

In September, I posted Microsoft’s Portfolio – a Formidable Mix, with a perspective on several dozen Magic Quadrants that feature Microsoft offerings. As Gartner’s Vendor Lead, I’m a mandatory peer reviewer for those and other documents. For my own edification, I decide to map the Magic Quadrants that feature Microsoft onto a quadrant-style picture that shows where Microsoft appears inContinue reading “Microsoft’s Product Positions – Positive Progress”

Hadoop Deployments – Slow to Grow So Far

How have Hadoop deployments grown this year? Slowly. Here’s a little anecdata for you: During 2014, my colleague Nick Heudecker and I conducted quarterly webinars on the State of Hadoop, and in the Q2, Q3 and Q4 sessions we asked our (steadily growing) audience about their deployments via online polls. These results should not be consideredContinue reading “Hadoop Deployments – Slow to Grow So Far”

ESPN’s Clutter Ruins French Open Coverage

I’ve been enjoying the French Open on the Tennis Channel. Thorough, intelligent coverage – candor and insight from commentators like John McEnroe, hours of coverage of early round matches. What a pleasure. Only one complaint – it’s not HD. So as we moved from Tennis Channel coverage to ESPN in the quarterfinals, I was excitedContinue reading “ESPN’s Clutter Ruins French Open Coverage”

Business Intelligence Matters? Optimize your site for search, Merv.

Business Intelligence is the center of my practice. And I’m trying to launch a website that will tell people so. Good thing I have a great network of people who are expert in things I am a rank newbie in, like web site construction. Shawn Rogers, co-founder and executive editor of of B-Eye Network, was kindContinue reading “Business Intelligence Matters? Optimize your site for search, Merv.”