Attunity – An Independent Alternative For Data Replication

Attunity (ATTUF), a small OTC-traded company out of Massachusetts, is quietly building up its base, expanding a 1000-customer foothold in real-time change data capture (CDC) and data replication that has made it one of the few remaining independent players standing. With Oracle’s acquisition of GoldenGate and SAP’s announced plan to acquire Sybase, many firms are thinking about having an alternative supplier. Attunity’s competitors these days include iWay and Progress DataDirect – few firms can offer robust support for data sources like RMS, VSAM, NonStop SQL, Enscribe and Adabas as well as common RDBMSs like DB2, SQL Server and Oracle, and that leaves Attunity a relatively wide-open opportunity. Attunity recently announced a 53% year-over-year growth in license revenues; it’s profitable (although GAAP profitability, while in sight, has yet to be achieved) and beginning to repay its debt. With less than $2M in revenues, it may well find itself an acquisition target, to boot.Attunity logo

When we met last fall, CEO Shimon Alon was upbeat about the company’s prospects, looking forward to exactly the kind of results it recently announced. Its slow build has allowed it to enter the emerging market with well-developed systems that ought to stand it in good stead as demand recovers; for example, it offers 24×7 support. Attunity is hardly a newcomer; it has supplied software to enterprise-class customers for nearly 20 years. Attunity provides software directly and indirectly through OEM agreements with partners including IBM, HP,  SAP/Business Objects, SAS, Oracle and Microsoft (both of whom embed Attunity.) It also has marketing arrangements with Talend, SyncSort, OpenText and Expressor for ETL deals. Attunity has a global sales organization: North America, Europe, Israel, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and distributors in Australia and Japan, Spain, and South America.

The Attunity Integration Suite supports a fairly wide array of enterprise data sources and applications, is broadly  installed, and has strong partners. It provides federation and streaming as well as access. If its execution continues to be as effective as it has been, Attunity may be looking at a market prepared to show much more interest in it.

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2 thoughts on “Attunity – An Independent Alternative For Data Replication

  1. Merv,

    Like I twittered – I am not sure whether Attunity and SAS are still an intimate couple. At least they were! I contemplated Attunity some years ago (client was completely based on SAS z/OS), but eventually ended up with DB2 Q replication. Attunity did match the requirement, except for 1 very specific requirement my customer had; be able to deploy on z/OS. Attunity was able to read from z/OS, but it could not deploy on z/OS. GoldenGate was also a good match though.

    Apart from the z/OS thingie, requirements of my client matched with Attunity pretty well.

  2. Thanks, Ronald. Attunity has many partnerships and I didn’t mention them all, but you’re right – SAS is an important one and I’ll add it in.

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