The Return of Spectra

Years ago, I spent some time covering the middleware market closely. One of the resources I found enormously valuable was a publication called Middleware Spectra. Its founder and editor, Charles Brett, is one of the most insightful, and  often provocative, people I know. Over the years we became acquainted, and today I count him among the friends I rely on to help me understand deep issues in areas like complex event processing and similar topics.

Charles and I briefly worked together at Forrester, but we’ve both moved on, and he’s now revived Spectra, with a revised charter. Under the new name Insight Spectra, it aims to be “a focal point for applying common sense to using technology intelligently.” Radical thought indeed. As before, Charles will accept contributions from a number of industry participants (myself included) and I recommend his work highly. To get on his list and receive it electronically, go to and register yourself via a form at the foot of this page, or email Charles directly at to ask for a copy.

About Merv Adrian
Gartner Research VP, technology analyst and consultant, 30 years of industry experience, covering software mostly, hardware sometimes.

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