Marriott Rewards Offers an Unexpected Internet Benefit

A nice surprise from Marriott today. I have a little time to kill and there is a Starbuck’s in the Courtyard hotel near my meeting two hours from now. So I stop in and grab a chai, find a power outlet and sit down to do a little work. Boot – find a wireless network – oh, sure, it’s the Marriott’s carrier. And then: “Welcome, Mervyn!” (Nobody else calls me that – well, my wife and mom.) ” As a Rewards member..” yup – they read the cookie and gave me access. No sign-on. No form to fill out.

Bravo, Marriott! It’s nice when a loyalty rewards program does exactly that.

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Independent information technology market analyst and consultant, 40 years of industry experience, covering software in and around the data management space.

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