DBMS 2022 Revenue Up 14%

2021 was a pivotal year in the DBMS market, as a I wrote in that year’s version of this analysis. Gartner has now published its revenue estimates for 2022, and the growth trends I discussed then have continued.

DBMS market revenues passed $90B, an increase of over $11B over 2021.

That is a significant deceleration from the white hot 22% increase in 2021 to a more modest 14%, but larger in percentage terms than most years over the past decade. Since 2015, the DBMS market has posted 7 consecutive years of growth, with the last 6 years all growing in the teens. Since 2017’s $39B year, the DBMS market has more than doubled, adding nearly $52B.

The four big cloud platform providers led the way again, while IBM remained flat.

Amazon grew $3.8B to over #23B, outpacing Microsoft’s growth of $2.7B to nearly $22B, with Google close behind in growth at over $2.4B to over $7.56B. Oracle grew its revenue by $1.4B to $17.5B, while IBM added just over $100M to nearly $4.6B.

Google had the highest percentage growth by far (nearly 47%) among the top 5, and may have its first $10B year in 2023. Oracle’s growth ticked up to over 8%, still lagging the overall market. But the biggest story is AWS, which grew nearly 20%, well ahead of the market – and of Microsoft, whose growth, like the market’s, was close to 14%. AWS DBMS revenue is over $1B greater than Microsoft, and it’s growing faster. IBM still has less revenue than it did in 2019.

Snowflake had the highest percentage growth of any vendor tracked at over 101%, while MongoDB was neck and neck with Google at nearly 47%.

Elsewher below the top 4, there was movement as well. SAP was down in revenue, falling back to its 2020 numbers. Alibaba slowed to below-market growth rates, and can look over its shoulder at the two new entrants into the billion dollar club: Snowflake and MongoDB.

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