Diary of an Asian Swing: Day 2

(Written on iPhone) Typical Eurostyle breakfast. Learn at desk that I DO have a TV, but have to slide picture over to reveal it. Feel remarkably stupid.
A little work, then onto subway. Like everything else here, clean, efficient, modern and packed with people – most playing with their smartphones. I’m the only Anglo in my car. Signs in cars that illuminate stops, connections, which side door will open. Off toward Victoria Peak, near Sheung Wan station at end of line. But think better of it: Macau ferry is here. Change of plans and 10 minutes later I’m on an equally crowded ferry (but with a [lousy] reserved seat.) It’s very hazy and I can’t get to an open window or outside anyway, so no pictures.

(Back on computer) Lovely ride, bit a disappointment when I got there. Entering Macau through the ferry terminal is like going to NY and arriving via the Port Authority Bus Terminal. You won’t form a good impression. There is no nice harborside park. The place seems designed to draw the gambling crowd – the elevated walkway I took after the 45 minute immigration process took me right onto a casino floor. (I could have taken a cab, or a courtesy bus to the Wynn or one of the other new splashy joints, but that’s not what I was there for.) After a few minutes determining there was nothing within reasonable walking distance I wanted to see, I turned around and went back to Hong Kong. Another nice boat ride, easy transfer back to the subway and the hotel. Not much of an adventure. But I enjoyed myself nonetheless.

Next up, a few hours of work – more Magic Quadrant stuff. Then a light dinner and an early night. Feeling a little jet lagged in that disconnected sort of way, although I’m not tired.

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