Beyond Moneyball: How Organizations Can Use Collaborative Decision Making to Succeed

 Having just seen the movie myself, I was delighted to receive this guest post from my colleague Rita Sallam, a Research Director here who focuses on Analytics, BI, and Performance Management. It’s a good read.

As demonstrated in movie “Moneyball”, starring Brad Pitt and opening in theaters today (, professional sports teams are increasingly using data mining and statistical analysis to find the players that best correlate to success.

 This approach has resulted in the displacement of many long-held, but less relevant, performance statistics and “gut feel” recruiting approaches. Many successful teams are building on – and supplementing – this fact-based approach to winning by using collaborative decision making (CDM) platforms that enable key team decision makers to assess, weight and optimize a combination of quantitative and qualitative measures used to select the best players at any one time to meet their specific team needs.


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