9 thoughts on “Balanced Insight – Automating BI Design to Deployment

  1. From multiple first-hand experiences, Consensus is a tool that really works and provides both productivity through better iterations of metadata definitions as well as reduces the overall costs to build, implement, and run a BI platform.

  2. We recently used Consensus to reverse engineer a large Oracle Discover reporting system into a new Cognos 8 solution. The tool is awesome!

    Real documented results…We extracted 43 separate Discoverer Content Areas from the Oracle End User Layer (EUL). We then used Consensus to build the Information Packages which included conforming the dimensions and auto-generated the Cognos Framework Manager result in 8 weeks.

    Every BI manager needs to investigate this tool.

  3. Here’s another data point.

    We hired an outside contractor build two COGNOS projects for us and they recommended using this tool.

    We were so impressed with the speed of development, and the reusability of the metadata that we purchased it for in-house development. We don’t have hands on experience with it yet, but we hope to get that soon.

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