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  1. Eric,

    We would be more than happy to update you on our company and our semantic data integration system. Please drop us a brief note at info@expressor-softwareDOTcom (replace “DOT” with “.”) and we can take it from there. And/or register for our upcoming Nov 19 webinar on building an affordable, end-to-end data integration lifecycle solution to learn more about our product and partnership with X88.

    Dr. Michael Waclawiczek
    VP, Marketing
    expressor software

    1. I haven’t discussed this release with Expressor. But I’m always in favor of trying it yourself, and the firm makes that possible with the download. If you are a reader of this blog and test it, let me know what you find.

  2. Hi Ryan,

    We are primarily focused on the mid-market, which includes the SQL Server market but other markets as well.

    Our expressor 3.0 platform ships with high-performance database drivers for Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Informix, Sybase, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. In addition, expressor includes a generic ODBC driver that allows you to connect to any other ODBC-compliant data source.

    Although many of our customers use Oracle and/or SQL Server, we do have several customers who use a data warehouse appliance from either Netezza or Teradata. To that point, one of our recent customer wins is the shoe retailer Skechers, who is building an EDW with expressor and Teradata.

    Please feel free to contact me at mwaclawiczek@expressor-software.com if you have any further questions at this point.


  3. See Merv tweeted about this and was in the mood to take a look. It is a weekend so why not put some alternative point of view, may be not the one expressor like. I am following this market for a long time and think can identify the real value vs marketing hype. Expressor would have to sweat a lot to have some serious progress. They have just a few customers they have so far, 5 or 6 that were not heavily discounted. They have just one customer with teradata and may be one or two with netezza and don’t see how their strategy is going to succeed against ‘fake’ open source talend or even pentaho which they both try to eat from same SMB or midmarket plate. Giving away beta was weak and late response to fact that anyone can always download the talend or pentaho . I call them fake OS , especially talend because you would need to pay a bunch of money in order to get enterprise features which are bundled with paid versions only. Don’t see any big difference between french talend or american expressor other than talend has more money in bank and more aggressive in its marketing. expressor is not able use even a patriotic “american fries” sentiment anymore since we are in good relationships with France these days 🙂

    1. There’s a lot in here to comment on, Robert. It’s important to bear in mind that Expressor first shipped only two years ago. It’s garnered some early attention from the analyst community in oart because of a focus on the sizable part of its market (the majority) that relies on hand coding and doesn’t want to invest at the rates larger vendors like ab initio and Informatica – and the megavendors like IBM, Oracle et al charge.

      It’s not unusual for early wins to be heavily discounted, even off the lower prices Expressor charges. As for how competition against Talend or Pentaho will go, that’s what the next few years will tell us. Anyone interested in these products should, in my view, have Expressor on their list. Whether they get to the short list or win the business will depend on execution. They’re well funded and early enough that there is room in the market.

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