White Papers

From time to time, IT Market Strategy agrees to create white papers under contract to vendors. I follow carefully crafted guidelines for this work. Essentially it boils down to this:

  1. I don’t compare products for pay. I might do so in other work – on my blog, in press discussions or speeches. But if a vendor is paying for a deliverable, I do not compare them to someone else.
  2. I don’t endorse products for pay. In written, speech or broadcast deliverables I may speak about a feature or benefit a product offers, but I will not assert that they do so better than someone else – even if I believe it to be true – for pay.
  3. I reserve the right to be critical. Having accepted payment for a white paper describing a solution doesn’t mean I will not call it as I see it in my blog posts, interviews, or speeches. Anyone who reads this blog or hears me speak knows this to be true.
  4. I identify paid work. This was recently raised to me as an issue; my white paper template now (August 2010) includes sponsorship information, so the document itself will contain a reference.

With that out of the way, here are some of my recent papers. Typically, clicking the link will open your PDF reader in a new window. You can save by using that option on your reader’s menu.

Analyst Relations Effectiveness – The Role of Automation in Small AR Programs

Published January 3, 2011
Big research firm and independent analyst experience help in understanding the challenges of a small (espeically single-person) AR practices, as does having held AR roles. That background informs this look at making the most of AR resources with effective automation. ARInsights sponsored this piece, which uses the ARchitect product as an example and features comments from several users. Automation_in_AR_White_Paper.

Analytic Platforms: Beyond the Traditional Data Warehouse

Published October 2010
A 75 page report, with 8 sponsoring vendors. based on research I did with Colin White of BI Research. Features 8 case studies and the results from a survey of hundreds of companies. Click here: Analytics Platform Report

Data Retention: The Unrealized Opportunity

Published July 2010
Retention and reuse are not synonymous. Rainstor sponsored this piece to help tell their story of the cost, compliance and performance benefits of an effective data archiving strategy, and the key attributes of a solution. Click here

Oracle Exadata: a Data Management Tipping Point

Published June 2010
New directions in the components of data-management architecture – CPU, memory, storage, I/O, and of course the database engine itself collectively enable a leap ahead when integrated well. Oracle sponsored this piece and facilitated interviews with early Exadata V2 customers that show they are experiencing dramatic uplift. Click here

Heterogeneous Data Replication: Cost-Effective Information Leverage

Published June 2010
There are numerous use cases that are better served by multiple copies of data for optimized usage. Sybase funded a look at some frequent configurations, a design-based approach to architecture, and decision variables in picking the right model. Click here

Software Leadership for the Next Decade

Published May 2010

There is a difference being a software supplier and a strategic partner. Discussions with IBM led to their sponsoring this piece, which lays out my belief that the megavendors must combine scale, a comprehensive, integrated portfolio of software assets, a focus on industry and business processes, a strong services organization integrated with the product teams and a partner ecosystem for delivery through direct and indirect channels to maintain leadership. Click here

Information And Analytics Enabling Business Optimization

Published April 2010
Sponsored by IBM, this paper asserts that it’s data that matters the most in business optimization. Having a plan, a platform and analytic processes are the key to success. Includes customer interviews that illustrate several of the key principles. Click here

The Open BI Appliance: New Thinking for New Opportunities

Published April 2010
SAP sponsored this paper, which contends that it’s time to look at the software that goes into the BI solution organizations need – connection, data services, and interaction – as a stack which can be treated as an appliance if properly integrated.  Click here

Data Growth Challenges Demand Proactive Data Management

Published November 2009
Sponsored by IBM, this paper describes a 5 stage maturity model for managing growth, and some representative products – in this case, from IBM – that can be used to move along the maturity curve to optimized data management based on business performance needs, not technical architecture assumptions. Click here

The Enterprise Data Cloud: Leveraging the New Economics of Data

Published June 2009
In this piece, sponsored by Greenplum (now a part of EMC),I discuss a vision of flexible provisioning, coupled with new analytics tools to create a different approach to analytics. It includes interviews with Greenplum customers who were early adopters of the idea and had achieved interesting results. Click here

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