A Look at Big Data Analytics

A video discussion looking at big data analytics, how Hadoop fits in, and other topics. Sponsored by Teradata Aster, and featuring Tassso Argyros, seen here, describing their point of view following my introduction.

Late 2009 Thoughts About The SW Industry In 2010

At IBM’s annual event for software analysts in late 2009, I was interviewed about what 2010 would look like. See if I had it right: they taped it. Of course, some of the discussion is about IBM itself, and the event, but I was given the latitude to expound freely on market prospects, cloud, licensing, marketing and sales organization.

2008 Interview with Steve Ballmer

At the 2008 Microsoft Partners Conference, Merv sits down with Steve to discuss how the cloud changes what partners want, and what Microsoft will do with them. Conversation includes offerings, business models, and how to win partners from the competition.

2008 Interview With Stephen Elop (Then At Microsoft)

A few minutes with Stephen Elop at the 2008 Microsoft Partners event. At the time, Elop was a few months in as President of the Business Division.  In 2010, he moved to the CEO role at Nokia.

Big Data, Archiving and Retention

Sponsored by Rainstor
Some of the issues associated with Big Data can overwhelm firms that have not made a strategic decision to manage older, less used data in a more cost-effective way. Performance, compliance and cost loom larger as Big Data grows. Rainstor’s archiving software is OEMd by a number of firms and is one of the first solutions I’ve seen that tackles the policy and schema update challenges, and they asked me to speak on the issues.

You can also find a brief white paper on the topic here Data Retention – The Unrealized Opportunity.

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