In January 2011, Merv Adrian joined Gartner as a Vice President in Research. He closed Pleasanton, California-based IT Market Strategy, his consultancy, founded in 2009 after three decades in the industry. Business Intelligence, DBMS, data integration management, business applications and other software suppliers came to IT Market Strategy for assistance in understanding market opportunities, creating products that will meet emerging and existing needs, targeting prospects, crafting messages to reach buyers, building campaigns to take messages to market, and executing those campaigns effectively using multiple channels.

Merv will continue to appear frequently at industry conferences as a speaker, host, panel leader and workshop facilitator. Decades of experience in the user, vendor and analyst communities have given him a broad perspective on issues that he presents compellingly to international audiences.

IT Market Strategy provided primary research, industry analysis, product marketing and AR consulting services. Merv responded personally to all client requests within 24 hours to reply or provide scheduling for deliverables, and typically with 2 business days to inquiries from non-clients. He remains available for direct client and press calls during Pacific business hours now that he has joined Gartner, with similar offerings, which include:

  • Marketing and Sales support including: primary market research, facilitated brainstorming sessions, market sizing, targeting, competitive analysis, pricing, positioning development, message testing, case studies, issue-based white papers subject to Gartner policies.
  • Retained Consulting: for a small number of companies, IT Market Strategy contracted in advance for a number of consulting days to be used for any of the above, as well as ongoing support for shorter sessions for message testing and customized research. This is now available only through a Gartner contract.
  • Speaking engagements including conference keynotes, speeches and panels, webinars, seminars, podcasts, video sessions including executive interviews
  • Merv no longer provides Analyst Relations audits, training and consulting support directly; however, Gartner does offer these services.
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